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Our Story

Wed, January 13, 2021 3:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Since graduating college, my husband and I have moved a total of seven times and lived in a total of four states.  You may be thinking, ahh a military family but alas, we are just two crazy kids trying to find our place in this world; that journey ultimately led us to the state of Texas and we are so grateful that it did!

With both sides of our family still mainly rooted in the Northeast, Rich and I have had to quickly learn how to do most things on our own.  Granted there is always facetime but let’s be honest, nothing beats that in person connection, am I right!?

Fast forward to our third year in the Lone Star State, we had been trying to start a family for four years and N O T H I N G was working.  You name it, we tried it.  If there was a diet that promised to boost fertility or a food that you just H A D to eat, I ate it.  I tracked my cycle using traditional trackers as well as ovulation watches (something about your pulse while you’re sleeping?).  We had several losses along the way which were soooo hard; but “at least we knew it was working, right?!”  Um, sure?

Outside of traveling to the heights of the Himalayas and seeking out a shaman, I feel like we tried everything, everything but medical assistance.  Nothing like taking the fun out of procreation, haha.  After 5 failed IUIs at two different doctors, we decided to take a leap of faith and investigate IVF. 

Before this, literally no one knew of the depth of our struggles because we just didn’t share.  It was not until I sat down and had a discussion with my husband about sharing our journey with others and setting up a Go Fund Me account that we even thought about letting others into our bubble.  People we didn’t even know helped us put together enough money for our down payment and then our family was able to co-sign with us for a loan to take the next big step.

Here’s how our IVF journey looks simply based on numbers:

Day 0: 28 Eggs Retrieved (no wonder I felt like a blimp!)

Day 1: 17 Fertilized

Day 3: 14 Meeting Cellular Stage

Day 5: 5 Blastocysts

Genetic Testing: 3 Passed (with so many losses we decided this last step was crucial for our success)


Waiting for that call every day to see “who was left” was one of the hardest things about this process for which NO ONE can really prepare you.  We shared our ENTIRE journey via Facebook so our family and friends could take each step with us.  We also shared our journey to bring to light just how many families deal with infertility across the world.  I had several friends reach out to me in private messages sharing that they too had gone through IVF!  This topic is so taboo, which bothers me so much!

All in all, we were VERY lucky, our first attempt via IVF was successful!  My pregnancy and delivery may not have been by the books and uneventful but in the end, we were blessed with two healthy babies who are now two years old!  In about a month’s time, we will actually be implanting that last embryo retrieved at the same time as Lincoln and Remington.  God willing, by the end of October 2021, our family will have grown by one more!

Kacie  currently serves FWMoM as Co-chair of VP of Programs. She has Lincoln and Remington, 2, with her husband Rich. 

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