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  • 182 members
  • 165 sets of twins
  • 9 sets of triplets
  • 4 members with multiple sets of multiples
  • 65 members with multiples and singleton(s)
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Our Mission and Our Vision

Our Mission: To enhance the understanding of the unique experience of raising multiples through the exchange of information and engaging with the wider community through fellowship and service opportunities.

Our Vision: Connecting women and strengthening families through education, community, and service.

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General Meetings

Monthly general meetings give prospective members an opportunity to explore everything FWMoM has to offer. Meetings consist of an engaging activity or presentation, a short business meeting, and a chance to chat with other MoMs. Come check us out!

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Member Spotlight

Amanda Monsivais

Hello ladies!!! My name is Amanda Monsivais. My husband, Mario, and I moved back to Fort Worth this summer from San Antonio. I consider myself a native Texan but I grew up in Oklahoma. We have been blessed with twin boys who are 8 months old. The boys are our first two children. I’m a High School SPED teacher and my husband cares for our boys while he works on his second degree. I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, listening to live music, reading, yoga, and trying new restaurants. Being a mom has been the hardest yet best thing I’ve ever done. I look forward to learning from and building friendships with other moms who are navigating the wild ride of raising multiples.

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With Newborn Nightingales your sleepless nights can be over. Melissa, a registered nurse specializing in NICU and Labor and Delivery with a proven track record, supports families by providing supportive infant to toddler consultations and exceptional in-home care for newborns.

Reach out to her today for more information!

Your child can sleep in a footed sleeper or sleep sack.  I prefer the sleep sack as that can be another strong sleep association.  It will take him about three nights to adjust to more space and self-soothing.  Your child needs both hands to learn self-soothing and finding his own comfy spot, no need to drag it out one arm at a time. 

-Don’t revisit nighttime feeds when you pull the swaddle.  Your child will not understand why sometimes they cry and eats and other times not.  

-Once unswaddled at night, draw out the intervals you go into soothe. They will have their hands and be able to position themselves.  First wait 20 min then 40 min etc., soothe from the side of the crib and back out.  Some families find it is easier on everyone to not soothe and that is okay too. 

-If your baby flips to their tummy let them stay there.  Don’t roll your child back over.  We want them to learn to love sleeping on their bellies or learn to roll themselves back over. 

-This is also a good time to take the paci away too.  They will now have other ways to soothe and they aren’t big enough to find  the paci and place in their own mouth.  

-Keep swaddle and paci for naps for now.  In a few weeks, we can assess if your child is ready to drop nap swaddle too. 

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