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Our mission: To enhance the understanding of the unique experience of raising multiples through the exchange of information and engaging with the wider community through fellowship and service opportunities.

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Monthly general meetings give prospective members an opportunity to explore everything FWMoM has to offer. Meetings consist of an engaging activity or presentation, delicious food, a short business meeting, and a chance to chat with other MoMs. Come check us out!

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Member spotight

Amelia Goding

Hi! I am Amelia; stay at home mom to Andrew (5 years old in June), Daniel and Madlyn (2.5 years old), and Tyler (2 weeks old). We moved from Minnesota to Fort Worth two years ago, when our twins were 4 months old, for my husband's job. His job just recently transferred us back to Minnsota, when I was 7 months pregnant (because who doesn’t love moving with young twins or being super pregnant?).

We are currently in temporary housing-in a small apartment, while we wait to close on our new house. We (the adults) keep ourselves sane during the day by letting the kids watch way too much Daniel Tiger, Earth to Luna, and Magic School Bus (at least it is educational screen time?). When I can manage to get the kids to turn off the TV, they love to move non stop. They are all finally figuring out how to play together, although sometimes it is a little rough. We are very excited to have a basement again in a month, where we can set up a big play space for them with some soft places for them to jump and rough house on!

We also like to get outside. I decided to take on the 1,000 hours outside challenge this year. I am not expecting to make it to the full 1,000 hours, but figured even if we fail, we win just for getting outside more! Our current favorite outside place is our friends backyard, where the kids have fun running after their friends 11 chickens. We also like to visit local playgrounds, as long as they aren’t busy!

While we are happy to be back in Minnesota, and close to family again; we already miss Texas and the amazing people and friends that we met there!

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  • 262 members
  • 250 sets of twins
  • 12 sets of triplets
  • 5 members with multiple sets of multiples
  • 123 members with multiples and singleton(s)
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Sponsor spotlight

Killen & Dennis

Every mom of multiples knows that a key component of success in managing the craziness of family life is planning. Without planning the details of an outing, a weekend trip, or even just the night’s dinner menu, your coordinated chaos quickly dissolves into…well, just chaos!

At Killen & Dennis we help you to plan for the future of your children and estate, should the unexpected arise. From business planning to making sure that your kids are well cared for, we have the legal expertise to assist you with life’s biggest decisions. And should life not go according to plan (like finding out you’re expecting triplets!), we are here to support you through every bump along the way.

So many families delay the crucial tasks of will execution, powers of attorney, and guardian designation until it’s too late. Therefore, Killen & Dennis is happy to offer a 20% discount on all estate planning services to FWMoM members to get your family’s future secured. Be sure to let our office know that you’re a member to take advantage of this special offer.

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If you are a parent of twins, triplets or quadruplets, FWMoM is the place for you!


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