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September 2019

Tammy Veit

Hello, Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples! My name is Tammy Veit. I have been married to my husband Blake, for 3 years now. We met through our Dallas singles church group 8 years ago. It’s true that opposites do attract. Blake is laid back, sports driven, and enjoys family time at home. I am energetic, friendly, and love to spend family time doing outdoor activities. I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and raised in West Lafayette, Indiana. My husband was born and raised in Oklahoma. However, our common thread is we both have the passion to teach and coach children. Blake is a middle school history teacher and 3 sport coach for Northwest ISD. I have taught elementary students in grades, 3,4,5 and P.E., for 11 years for Richardson ISD. Swimming is another passion of mine that I started when I was 2 years old. I swam collegiately and then coached swimming for about 8 years. That direction of my life was put on hold when we found out I was pregnant with twins. We decided to move from Dallas to Fort Worth to be closer to my husbands’ job.

Currently I am a SAHM to the most energetic fraternal twin girls named Kennedy and McKenzie. I love how they not only look like each parent, but also have opposite personalities. Kennedy is energetic, caring, and curious about life. McKenzie is strong willed, sassy and funny. I’ll let you decide who each one looks like.

Our favorite things to do as a family are go on walks with our dog Gracie, swim at the neighborhood pool, zoo trips, story time at the library, play games, playdates, and visit family. As a couple, Blake and I love to try new restaurants, go to OU football games, travel, and watch murder mystery shows.

I discovered Forth Worth Mothers of Multiples online when I was looking for a group of women to connect with when I moved to Fort Worth. My first meeting was August 2017 and I was greeted by so many genuine mothers who shared similar experiences about raising multiples. Immediately I felt connected with women that understand the daily challenges of caring for multiples. I love my role as a play date coordinator because I like to discover new exciting places for our kids to play, learn, and make new friends. I look forward to this year encouraging one another in participating in many of the activities this group has to offer.

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