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Cindy and Lindsay Crawford

We are Cindy and Lindsay Crawford. We have been married for 4 ½ years now. Ironically, we met through Lindsay’s 6th grade teacher, Teresa Thompson! When I moved to Fort Worth 12 years ago, I started teaching in FWISD with Teresa. A couple of years later, Teresa told me about a friend who lived in Austin, and asked if I was open to making new friends. I said sure, and she gave me her number. I, of course, turned around and threw Lindsay’s number away. There was no way that I was EVER going to call some random person. Luckily, Lindsay did not do the same! She reached out to me through Facebook and asked, “Are you the one that Teresa told me about?”. My response, “Yep, I’m the one.”. Little did I know at that time, that I was truly “the one”.

We started trying to have kids right after we got married. Because we first met when we were in our early thirties, we knew we wanted to start right away. We went through 4 rounds of IVF with no success. We took an emotional break from IVF, and once we decided to try again, we knew that it was going to be our very last shot. Our IVF journey was going to come to an end one way or another. I will never forget the day we took the at home pregnancy test soon after transfer. We never saw a positive until that day. What an emotional roller coaster. We were finally expecting! Then later when it was confirmed that we were having twins – holy cow! What a double surprise. We could’ve never imagined how much Cooper and Sloane would truly bless our lives. Every single morning, we are greeted with the biggest smiles. I swear Sloane smiles with her WHOLE body, and Cooper’s giggle is contagious! They are starting to notice each other, and it just melts your heart. Every single time they are within reach, they grab each other’s hands. It is literally the sweetest thing!

Previous to babies, Lindsay and I religiously went to Camp Gladiator. We loved it! Now with the twins, finding time to workout has definitely been a challenge. We hope to get back into the groove of things soon. We love camping too. Sitting around a campfire, playing cards, and hanging out with friends is our jam! So if any of you are ever down for camping, let us know! 

We are so thankful to everyone in this group. You guys have welcomed us with open arms. As the twins get a little older, we hope to be more involved.

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