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Platinum Sponsor: Fort Worth Fertility

Wed, September 11, 2019 5:13 AM | Anonymous member

As little girls, many of us played with baby dolls.  We fed them, rocked them, bathed them, dressed them, and fully embraced the responsibilities of "mommying".   Becoming a mommy someday was amongst our biggest hopes and dreams. 

Despite those dreams and plans, many of us realized that becoming a mommy was exceptionally difficult, painfully heart-wrenching, and didn't "just happen" like we expected. It was a long road, filled with doctor appointments, ongoing fertility treatments, tears, prayers and heartache. Fortunately, it's not a hopeless endeavor and help is available.

I'm so thrilled that the Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples (FWMoM) is sponsored by a fertility clinic that has TRULY changed the lives of so many of our members. Dr. Kaufmann at Fort Worth Fertility has given us the children and the families we desired, and has literally made our dreams come true. What an amazing gift to the families, and an amazing gift to FWMoM that we are sponsored at the PLATINUM level by such an incredible group of medical experts. They provide outstanding medical care in addition to support and love to each and every hopeful mama that walks through the door. We are incredibly grateful for their partnership with our organization.

Thanks to Dr Kaufmann and staff, FWMoM member, Laura Hickman, is now a twin mama. Her story is shared below:

Dr. Kaufmann and Fort Worth fertility forever changed our lives. They were one of the most important pieces in our path to becoming parents.

My husband and I met Dr. Kaufmann in January of 2018. After years of infertility we though of him as one last "Hail Mary." He was just another fertility doctor among a long list we had met but to no avail. However, Dr. Kaufmann and his staff turned out to be different. They cared about our having a family as much as we did. It was very refreshing. For the first time, we had real hope for children. 

Dr. Kaufmann is very straightforward. Although he will tell you "the numbers," he will also be with you as long as you want to keep going. I believe that Dr. Kaufmann and his staff are the best people to have on your team. They truly invest themselves in every patient. They will celebrate with you and grieve with you. It's just the level of care you get with Fort Worth Fertility. Fortunately for us, it was a celebration. We went from a married couple to a family of four when we welcomed our twin daughters in early December of the same year. 

We will always be grateful to Dr. Kaufmann and his team. They helped us to become parents and forever changed our world. I firmly believe that we would not have our girls without their help. 

Congratulations to the Hickman family! We are thrilled to know your story and so many others like it thanks to FORT WORTH FERTILITY.

Author: Beth Wangerin is a mom to a 4 year old boy (Drew) and 2.5 year old twin girls (Audrey & Alyssa). She currently serves as the VP of Sponsorship & Fundraising for Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples. 

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