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Physical Therapy Needed Due To Pregnancy

Wed, April 14, 2021 10:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Oh, pregnancy is such a wonderful time. The excitement of what’s to come…then nausea sets in…and all the wonders of the first trimester.  Then you find out you’re having multiples. Our bodies are amazing, that it not only can grow one little person, but multiples. Unfortunately for you, musculoskeletal changes come along with this oh so exciting moment. The influx of hormones to help make all your joints very mobile now causing posterior pelvic girdle pain commonly mistaken for sciatica, or the strain on your abdominals by growing amazing little humans, and don’t forget the extra weight put on your pelvic floor which can cause leakage and/or heaviness.

 Not to worry, there are people who specialize in this, us, a Women’s Health Physical Therapist. Woerner Physical Therapy is fully staffed with multiple physical therapists that specialize in all the wonderful changes that come along with pregnancy as well as the postpartum phase. We help you get through your pregnancy as painlessly as possible so you can return to life, whatever that may look like. We are skilled and trained at assessing all the muscles in the “true core” which include your pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, your diaphragm (yes I said diaphragm), and the back extensors. We also know how these muscles are supposed to work together, so we can help you retrain these different muscle groups and make them work efficiently again.

Many women, even without multiples, have many issues during pregnancy and postpartum, but they believe the stigma of “oh that’s normal, you had a baby” or “you’re pregnant, it will get better once you deliver.” You ladies are going to be smarter than that now. Don’t believe the lies our society tries to tell you. No, it’s not normal.  It is  common, yes, but it’s not normal to need a Depends diaper or to have to run to the restroom every time. We help you make sure your pelvic floor is up to the job of life, to make sure your organs are being properly supported. Not only is this so important to help you function now, it can help make sure all your organs stay where they are supposed to be later.

 If you sail through your pregnancy we applaud you, we are happy for you.  But after all the dust has settled, make sure you are helping your body fully recover; come see a Women’s Health Physical Therapist.

Woerner Physical Therapy is a dedicated FWMoM Sponsor. They are a group of amazing qualified therapists and experts in treating anything related to the pelvis including pelvic floor dysfunction, functional dry needling, and so much more... both in both men and women. If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation please visit www.woernerphysicaltherapy.com/contact/ or call (682) 235-3816

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